PVPCERT training and participation provides essential training and information to enable you to prepare your homes and families to cope during the critical period immediately following a disaster. That is when professional emergency services will be taxed beyond capability. PVPCERT will train you to become part of the solution and to do the most good for the highest number of people as part of a trained, well managed team. The goal of PVPCERT is to:

  • Prepare you, your family and your home to survive a disaster.
  • Prepare you to assist families and neighbors in time of a disaster.
  • Prepare teams of Peninsula residents as first responders to support regular emergency personnel in a disaster.


The Peninsula Emergency Response Team was developed in the aftermath of the Northridge earthquake, demonstrating the further importance of civilian volunteers. As a result, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, in cooperation with the cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, developed PVPCERT with the intent of giving volunteers a higher level of basic skills in firefighting, search and rescue, disaster medicine, and preparedness.

Southern California Edison

Joining Forces for Safe Communities

We are working closely with local police, firefighters and EMTs because public safety is our top priority. From electrical safety training for first responders to a coordinated approach to information sharing, it is all about keeping our communities safe.

Dangerous weather conditions, including Santa Ana wind events and stormy weather, can cause power lines to fall. Downed power lines near water can electrify puddles, wet grass and the surrounding area. Don’t approach or touch anyone or anything in contact with a downed power line. Never attempt to extinguish a fire near a downed power line – stay 100 ft. away and call 911 immediately.

Call 811 Before Digging

If you are planting new vegetation such as trees or shrubs, or installing a new fence, always call 811 before digging. This free service is required by law and will make sure underground utility lines will be marked for everyone’s safety.